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 Exterminating common or sewer rats with fire arms as a leisure activity.

This is a new competitive sport that is a fusion of hunting an animal, which has a chance of survival, in a field, with the pertinent scoring provided by judges, together with the reflexes and calm required for competition target shooting, combined with stress relieving exercise, without forgetting about the health and environmental aspects

The main idea is to enjoy yourself in competition with others, without neglecting the aspect of controlling harmful rodents with a natural and effective method.

Individual or hunting in teams.

In the day-time version, the hunts are monitored by judges and they come to an end when all the rats have been eliminated from the field of action, or when they have got away through the holes made on the edge of the field for that purpose. If they do escape through the holes, they get into another area that is designed to catch and keep theme.

The judges count the animals shot and score the kills depending on the area of the field where they are shot. These zones are marked with the relevant scores before the hunt starts.

Important: There are different modalities for competitions between two teams, in a league, where there are sets of 5 hunts for each match. The winner is the team to win the best of the 5.

For individual tournaments, with everybody competing against everybody else, the winner of each match is the one that wins the best of three hunts and everybody carries their score forward until the end, when the final classification is decided on the number of hunts won and the number of animals killed.

The number of rats per hunt will depend on the organisation, championship or tournament.

Championships are played over a period of 6 months or more and tournaments can be one-day or weekend tournaments.

There is also a night-time version practised with infra-red goggles or under spot lights, using the same regulations as the day-time version.

Anybody with a firearms licence, or similar in the case of foreigners, may play.

The sport can be played as an individual or a team sport, depending on the rules governing each field.

For amateur or free hunters, both individuals and teams, the sets will be determined by the management of the field. The duration and price of the hunt will also vary, depending on the number of rats released into the field. The ideal number is 3 to 5 rats per player, all released at the same time.

I would like to call on everybody with a firearms licence, whether they have a gun or not, who takes part in other shooting sports or hunting to try this new exciting sport that has open season all year round at a very reasonable price.

The kind of gun of course, will depend on the legislation in force and the house rules of the shooting club or gallery, although several calibres can be used. The ammunition will be supplied by the shooting ground. Notice must be given of any special calibres. Comfortable clothing is recommendable.

The Management of the shooting grounds will require every participant or shooter to identify him/her self.

Held in an authorised and licensed shooting grounds, players may bring their own private guns, or they may hire a weapon from the club’s armoury.

The hunting ground shall have a diameter of between 40 and 50 metres and marked with concentric rings worth different scores, like a target.


We are mainly interested in people with a communicative profile and team spirit who like extreme nature activities.

When you first come into this activity, you will be given a series of lectures/talks to ensure that the grounds operate properly.

An essential part of the training is to study the rat in depth to prevent any problems as this is team work.
The Staff of the grounds will work full time, but there may be free lance workers too, like the rat suppliers (trappers).

“Trappers”: bearing in mind the large number of specimens required, this could be a well paid and interesting job for many people or companies. Trappers will be given a short training course to enable them to do their job.